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On the north bank of Qinghai Lake , there is a famous place named Jinyintan (Golden and Silver Meadow), with vast grassland, flocks of yaks and sheep and beautiful scenery. On the beach, there are some sand sculptures carved by famous artists.

The song entitled “In That Remote Place” created by late Wang Luobin in the 40s’ of last century reminds Chinese people of the magnificent Qinghai Lake , the grasslands, the mountains and the beautiful Tibetan girl.

The first atomic base in our country, which is entitled “the cradle of Chinese A-bombs”,is located beside Qinghai Lake on the Golden and Silver Meadow. It is called “atomic city” and has become a scenic spot in Qinghai, attracting a great number of tourists each year.

Shadao, the most beautiful sand beach in the northeast of Qinghai, 36km from east to west and 3km from south to north, is composed of seashell sand and two small moon-like lakes. Some sports activities like sliding on sand, motorcycling on sand, boat pedaling etc.attract many tourists for amusement. The scenery along this route is different from that of the last few stages. The riders pass a picturesque national forest park near the road.

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