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(July 22nd—August 4th

Name:  “COUNTRY GARDEN Cup” The 17th Tour of Qinghai Lake 2018
Organizers: The General Administration of Sport of China;
State Administration of Radio and Television
The People’s Government of Qinghai Province.
Invited organizers:  The People’s Government of Gansu Province;
The People’s Government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
Pre-race schedule:
19th July    08:30-22:00  Team registration & training, Secretariat open
20th July    15:00-16:00  Race drivers meeting (including motorcyclists, motor passengers,race drivers, commissaire panel)
21st July    14:30-15:00    Commissaires Meeting
15:00-16:50    License control, jersey check,distribution of body numbers etc.
17:00           Team Managers Meeting
Race schedule:
July 22nd   11:00   Stage 1     Ledu-Xining            162km
July 23rd    12:30   Stage 2    Xining Circuit Race        115km
July 24th    10:00   Stage 3    Duoba-Guide             133km
July 25th    10:00   Stage 4    Guide-Longyangxia         100km
July 26th    09:00   Stage 5    Longyangxia-Bird Island      235km
July 27th    10:00   Stage 6    Qilian Mountain Climbing race    66km
July 28th    10:30   Stage 7    Qilian-Menyuan           169km
July 29th    09:00   Stage 8    Qingshizui-Zhangye           237km
July 30th   10:00    Stage 9    Jinchang-Wuwei            175km
July 31st     Rest Day      (Wuwei, Gansu)
August 1st  10:00    Stage 10    Minqin-Tengger Desert        124km
August 2nd  10:00   Stage 11    Zhongwei Stage            110km
August 3rd  09:00    Stage 12    Yinchuan Stage            107km
August 4th  10:00    Stage 13   Lanzhou New District Circuit Race   108km
Participant teams:
5 UCI Pro-Continental Teams
17 UCI Continental teams
Team Constitution:  
7 riders + 5 staff members
The UCI Regulations and the Specific Regulations of this race will be applied.